Ok, first of all Einstein is obvious. The first time I saw a corgi is when we were living in Japan (my husband's in the Air Force) and we were watching Cowboy Bebop at a anime FREAK friends house. I think they had every one ever made good or bad and made us watch them all. lol! Anyway, we loved Cowboy Bebop just cause it was so different and kinda neat. And of course I loved Ein-didn't get Ed so much but Ein was cute and saved the day a couple times so he was cool. I don't know any other dog that knows computers like Ein does. We lived in Japan 6 years and corgis got to be kinda popular off base and I kept seeing them and thought they were sooo cute. One day we went to Tokyo and our hotel was near a dog groomer and this woman with 6 beautiful poofy perfect corgis came walking down the street towards it and we just happened to be walking by and I was like a magnet to her. I didn't know if she knew English but thankfully she knew a little and I kept going saying how cute they were and how "kawaii" they were. She just kept saying thank you. But that impression never left my head and when we moved to San Antonio I had already decided I wanted a brown and white Pembroke named Einstein. Ein for short and that's just what we did. And we loved him so much we got another corgi and named her Daisy. We had to have a boy and a girl and she just happens to be his half sister so they have kind of the same bossy personaliities which I think is funny sometimes and not so much others. But Daisy had many names before we settled on Daisy May. It was Basil which didn't fit her personality and then Bella which was too dainty and finally Daisy May which fit her perfectly. I think that was all the names we actually called her but we thought of so soooo many. It was much harder with her cause we didn't have a name picked out years ahead of time.

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Pandora was the name John (my dear husband) and I settled on after days of arguing. I always wanted to name a child Pandora, but my mom said it wouldn't be an appropriate name. So, my dog is named Pandora. It fits her perfectly. I actually wanted to give her a welsh name, but John hated all the name I chose.

Trunks is named after my favorite anime character. We were going to name him Pippin, but his breeder thought his name would be too close to Pandora's. In retrospect, we should have named him Sirius Black, because he is serious and black. Sirius Black is my favorite Harry Potter character.

Interestingly enough, we call Pandora "Pan" for short. This is also a character on Dragonball Z, which is the anime Trunks is in. I guess we kept a theme.
Reminds me of Pandora's box, hope she's not a trouble maker! lol! Love Trunks but Serius Black is too funny!
Yeah, we used to make jokes about when we let her out of her crate. Every morning we were opening Pandora's Box. John actually made a great sign for her door.

Pandora is the sweetest little dog, but she is too smart for her own good. I do think that is almost every corgi though!
My blk&wht CWC, "Simon" -- so named because when he was a pup all did was sleep and make little grunting noises, even if you picked him up and shook him a little bit. ;-) He also fell asleep in his food bowl a few times. ;-) So I called him Sleepy Simon. Simon later earned the nicknames "Snoopy" and "The Blueberry Muffin Thief", for reasons that should be apparent within the nicknames themselves. If you're ever at my house enjoying a coffee and a blueberry muffin for breakfast, do not leave it unattended. And if you're curious as to just how incredibly wound up a Corgi is after drinking an entire coffee and eating an entire blueberry muffin, think of those old cartoons where a character crashes through a wall and leaves an outline of himself in the hole in the wall. He was like that for hours.

My blue merle CWC, "Blue" -- so named because picking a name is not easy, and I'm not ashamed of being unoriginal. Blue merle Corgi? Ok. Your name is Blue. Done. Next. :-) However, Blue has earned several nicknames due to the intrinsic nature of his bizarre little Corgi self. He is commonly known as "The Bug", or "Blue Bug", because he likes to eat bugs, and when he starts frapping and freaking out and doing this crazy little groaning thing he does, flopping all over the ground, I like to call him "Merle!!! Crrrrrrazy Merle!!!!" which gets him ten times as riled up as he already is and usually results in something fragile getting broken in my house as he rockets from room to room at 70mph -- and he doesn't even drink coffee or eat blueberry muffins.
Haha! Too funny, Ein drank my coffee once when he was a puppy and I could definately see the difference in him. He was WOUND up! Blueberry muffins sound good right now. mmmm. Anyway, love the name Blue, unoriginal as it is. :) Wouldn't want him licking my face after eating bugs though. ick. Hope he doesn't eat poop like mine do.
Oberon (aka Obi) kinda has a fun name, when I was thinking about getting a corgi and I was doing some research, I was talking to a breeder and she told me this Welsh folktale type history of where Corgis came from. It said that corgis were used as fairies 'steeds,' and fairies would ride them around like horses (you can still see that saddle marks just behind their shoulders) Anyhow, the fairies gave Corgis to humans as a present.

I got the Name Oberon from Shakespear's 'A Midsummer Night's dream,' as Oberon is the King of the Fairies! Its not the maniliest of names, but it fits the mischeivious little bugger...
When we bought our first Cardigan we could name him in the pedigree, so we did. I just love the Lord of the Rings and we thought that Frodo would be a great name. So our oldest Cardigan is named Verdidas Frodo.

When I bought my first bitch we thought about something that could fit with Frodo. She was already named in the pedigree with a kind of funny name; All Trade Intimate Suggestion.... But I named her Saga (that is fairy tali/story in english).

Frodo´s daughter got her name from my mother into the pedigree; Geestland´s Tintomara, we call her Tina. Tintomara is a character in a book.

For our Holly and Tiger we kept the names they have in their pediggres; Verdidas Holly and Wesa Borgs Tiger.

Petra Marteus
I always wondered why pedigree names were so weird and loooooong! Frodo is an awesome name! We love LOTR too. Coulda named Ein Strider and Daisy Eowyn. lol!
Now that took some imagination. What a great story!
Our corgi's name arose from the fact that we are nerds, pure and simple. We wanted to name our corgi boy after a scientist, and went through a lengthy list without any inspiration. Then one afternoon, lightening struck. A friend of ours has a Great Pyrenees named Tesla, after the often-mad scientist who invented AC current. Tesla's greatest rival was the slightly saner Thomas Edison (inventor of DC current). Because a Cowboy Bebop reference was too good to miss out on, the dog we took home was named Edison Ein.

Incidentally, Edison and Tesla's first playdate started off like a revival of their namesakes' feud (Tesla got intensely territorial) but these days, they get along splendidly. :)
Yep, and I'm another that falls into that line of category our dogs after a cartoon. Unfortunately, in getting my way in picking the dog i didn't get to pick its first name so i had to settle for Ein as a middle name, but he already comes to that call rather then Arther.
Arther was an easy one for us because we wanted a welsh name from the start and when we went to pick him up the breeder had already named him king Arther because of the way he ruled over the rest of the litter.
You all are so creative!! King Arther is hysterical. You got an alpha dog I guess. Edison Ein is funny too. You could shorten it to Ed Ein like on Cowboy Bebop. But that sounds kinda goofy. Hmm.


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