Moving from Tonopah, Nv where we get a vet once or twice a month to Las Vegas.  My babies are almost 12 and 6.  Looking for a excellent vet who may or may not specialize in corgis.  When I lived in Anchorage Alaska we had a great vet and we miss her tons. Have the name of one vet but an interested in a few more so I can check them out.   Thanks for any help...Carolyn and the fur kids

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I've been using Dr. Hammes at Buffalo-Alta Animal Hospital for some years now. This is *not* a corporate outfit, just a small hospital run by a husband (the vet) and wife (the vet tech.) The phone number is 838-0700, and here is their website: .  Incidentally, I have 3 pembrokes, aged 12, 10 and 3, and my mother's 3 year-old pembroke is a patient as well. Good luck in your search! :-)

Thanks Karen..will check them out.  My almost 12 yr old is blind in one eye and slowing down alot since my Wolff went to the bridge in Jan.  She still got a ton of life left and want to keep that going...Carolyn

I highly, highly, highly recommend Aloha Animal Hospital at Jones and Warm Sprigs.  Dr. Jamie and Jason are *wonderful* and my two girls actually like going to the vets to see them.  (Did I mention the free cookies and coffee for you??)

Thanks, will check them out also...will check their web site in a few mins.  thanks, Carolyn


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