i have 2 corgi's one male and one female.... i've nothing but trouble with my femal. is it harder to train a female...? i take her out all the time for pottying every 2-4 hours and she still has acciedients in house and kennel... looking for any suggestions or imformation. we even have been treating for going out side... my male is fully potty trained and no problem.. so i'm a little stumped.....

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Hi, I've heard that girl dogs can be harder to train than boy dogs and it took me a long time to get my Molly fully potty trained but part of it for her was being lazy. When I first got her I didn't have a doggie door so I put a set of dog bells up next to my sliding glass door where I wanted her to go out and everytime we went out to potty I rang the bell. It took about a week or so but when she needed to go out she would go near the door and nudge the bell. In fact if the sliding glass door is closed and she can't go out her doggie door she will still nudge her bells to go outside. Good luck and be patient.
thanks for the help.... i'll have to give the bell a try... corgis are a new breed for me always learning new situation and stuff.. i'm use to dogs that vocalize what they need... love my corgis like crazy though


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