I'm tring to look for a female corgi, but they are just so hard to find in the area!

If anyone knows of any please let me know. Thanks :)

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The closest we found was Lee English in Lecanto, FL. Her website is www.thecorgylady.com
We are getting our poopsters from her friend, Linda, also in Lecando.

I think I went there before, when my sister had a Gymnastics meet.

If so I went to the breeders house, didn't like it at all. The ones she had outside had somthing done with their thoats so they could not bark.

She had 4 -5 litters inside her house, 1 litter in a Barn, and 1 litter in a kennel.

I also didnot like the way she kept her dogs, inside tiny kennels, She says she lets then out twice a day, but it looked like she only let them out so I could see them.

If this is the same person. Her website looks the same.

Thanks for helping :)


Oh, no!  We've had good luck with Linda so far.  We haven't been able to visit them, but get a ton of pics and they seem to be happy & healthy.  I'll keep posted on our experience with her.

I am getting my Loki from a lady names Jasmine she is wonderful! She has pups once maybe twice a year ( Loki's litter was an oopsy lol but she takes great care of them and they get their first round of shots health certificate AKC papers food and toys :) You can find her at www.facebook.com/puppydoggies :) Good luck on your search! 


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