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Spring is coming ,,,,Please post photo's of your corgi here,,,picasa is free to upload your photo's and REDUCE the size so we all can see them,,Thanks Tina and Cooper
I loooooooooooooove being outside!
What a beautiful Corgi :o)

Here's Lilliput when we first started the garden:And now she is much more expert, even with her own fairy,  with several more to be added this year!


Please note the fence around the uphill edges of the garden. This prevents the ball from rolling in, which prevents the dogs from tearing through the garden after it.














We have alot of pics on Our page with the corgis in Our garden,but I'm not computer savvy enough to put the pics from there to here :).My desktop died that I originally transferred the pics from and haven't copied the hard drive yet,so please visit Our page to see the dogs out in the garden and hanging out around the pond :).Most of the garden pics  We have are @ the 10th page or so.We live in a really mild climate for Winter so the corgis are fortunate to hang out there all the time.


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