For many years now I have wanted a corgi. I never had the means to get one. I had played with corgi puppies in pet shops, and have done research on the breed. But again I never had the means or the drive to obtaining one.

Then, last year, while visiting friends in Washington state I was in a car accident. I was with my friend Niel and his girlfriend Kat (whom I love and adore.) We were on our way to visit and drop me off with my now boyfriend Ryan.

We were at a stop getting ready to turn into a place on the other side of the street. I heard a slight crunch. Then suddenly from my point of view we were back on the road. Tall pine trees on either side of the road as we drove through the pass, the sun shinning so brightly that it nearly blinded me, Niel and Kat talking in the front seat. Then I hear a voice from long ago. "You have to float before you can swim." Those same words spoken to me by my mother's friend Rusty, who had died from AIDS a couple years earlier. I was so happy, warm, and safe.

That was when I began to come around. I could hear people talking. Two women. They were saying things like "is she ok," and "how is the one in the back?" Then I could hear sobbing, and Kat saying "Jen, it's ok." I couldn't tell if she was crying or if I was. I heard someone next to me telling me that I was alright, and not to move. My vision was so blurry but I could see my arms in front of me. Blood and something else was streaked up and down them. The lady told me that it was what I had been drinking. I remembered that I had a bottle of red colored Vault in my hands as we were going to turn.

I heard sirens and more voices outside. I heard Niel talking to people. They got Kat out, and had to use the jaws of life to pry me out of the back seat. Glass was flying everywhere. On the stretcher I remember panicking because I could feel something wet in my ears. The paramedics told me that they were tears. I honestly didn't know that I was crying at all. My mind had been so calm through all of it.

What had happened is that while we were waiting to turn a car went to pass us. A moving van that was tailgating the car didn't have time to stop. Nor did he even attempt to stop from what I was told. The van rear ended us on the side I was on (rear passenger,) and spun us around until we were facing oncoming traffic.

Now a year later after all the physical therapy, and waiting for a settlement I have finally gotten the funds to buy a corgi. Now, for other reasons other then wanting a dog. Since the accident I have done nothing. I have no job, I am fighting to get SSI, and I feel as if my life is not worth living. I suffered from depression before, but since the accident it has gotten worse.

I need something in my life that gives me a purpose. I'm sick of wasting away with everyone around me not knowing what to do. I am tired of being a burden to them! I need something to put my energy into (what little I have.) This is my reason for wanting a corgi now.

So how about you? What reasons/events led you to getting a "healing corgi?"

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Thanks for having the courage to share your story. I am sad that you have so much pain in your life. So happy that you are finally getting a Corgi puppy; your lifelong dream. Take care, your friend, Joy
It was hard going through again, remembering what happened. There were times when I had to stop to cry. Then I was pressed for time about half way through, and had to shorten it.

As a result of the accident they discovered that I have "rotary scoliosis." Not only does my spine bend like with regular scoliosis but it also twists. They say that it is "mild" right now. Not worth fixing is what I hear. All the doctors blow me off like it's nothing. I am in pain, and if I do even the slightest bit of house work I'm in bed the very next day.

I can't even swim, which I love to do, for any more then an hour. I used to spend anywhere from 2-5 hours in the pool. One summer you couldn't keep me out of the pool. I was in there for 8 hours each day...

Maybe I'm being too selfish. I want my life to be normal so I make everyone else's life hard. I just want everyone to be happy again, but there is nothing that I can do.


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