You think that your corgi can become a wonderful ambassador to those less fortunate then you by hard work, dedication, and most important love? Try training them to be therapy dogs! If you think that your corgi could enrich the lives of others as they have done for you then the Delta Society is something to look into.

I have thought about it a lot, and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) may not be enough. I can dedicate the time to training my corgi for CGC, but what then? If I can take that extra step I not only will have a very well trained dog but a purpose. I can give back to those who are in need. Not only that but I can educate those who do not understand the quality of life that animals give us! Our lives will have meaning! The dreams of becoming a nurse, vet, or doctor would not have been in vein. We can heal the sick in our own special ways.

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CGC is a trial for dogs. I know it to only be in the US but I bet they have something similar in different countries.

For CGC a dog must be able to obey commands sit/stay/wait immediately and without distraction. Training for this takes 2 years or sometimes more. Then there is the test; an evaluator in your location meets up with you, and gives you and your dog a test. If you pass this test you can bring your dog with you to places that normally do not allow pets.

Petsmart is a pet supply store. They have things for all sorts of pets, even exotics. Petsmart does offer CGC classes, but they are overpriced. I talked with Katie, a woman who is getting Banzai's big brother, about the CGC at Petsmart. CGC training cost $209 at Petsmart while at Katie's local dog park there is a trainer who gives CGC classes for $45.

Bathing is very important when you have a therapy dog. There could be people who are allergic to them, as you well know, and bathing keeps the pet dander and fur clear of irritants. Bathing dogs has come a long way, now there are leave in conditioners and water free shampoos. So bathing is not the task it once was. Not only that but you only bathe them when you are taking them to work (therapy appointments).
CGC classes for $209???? Good grief where are they? I've NEVER charged that for CGC training. Most dogs, once they've attended class, pass with flying colors. Most of my students have passes CGC and Delta while in Intermediate class. $209? They must be making them take a four-hour private class. Any dog who has been through a good training class and properly socialized should be ready to pass CGC. I'm really bothered by this! Sounds like our trainer is taking advantage--and I don't like that at all.
The wonderful things about Delta are their liability insurance when you pass, as well as that their test is more for temperament than obedience. Tank is Delta certified.


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