Ok so we started herding at the beginning of summer 2009 (so coming up on a year)our trainer says we are almost ready to trial but we just need to clean everything up, you see shelly is very creative about how she herds her sheep, she tends to run in wide circles, as soon as the sheep turn there heads to me she goes off in her own little world. 

Also she has just two speeds...... all out run..... or stopped. How did you'll team a "take time"  or a "walk up"

So here is a video of our training class last weekend currently we are working getting her to stay focused by putting her in a down (which is VERY solid) every time she starts to spiral out.

Any suggestions ? Thanks all!

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sorry I wasnt sure which link to use try this one

or this one lol


Thanks for the advise : ) we never used the line with her before that day we where just trying something new with her ... thats why it was on

Shes not shutting down at all she just spins off and gets distracted for a second then shes right back on her sheep at full speed.... hopefully you'll be able to see it in the video if one of the links work : )
Despite the poor quality of the video I really do think you are dead on! lol! She always works way better when we are given a course to do ....... such as a figure eight or something ...... but its really good to just have a second opinion so thank you very much and I make sure and keep your comments in mind the next time we are in the ring : )


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