My wife and I are looking for Pembroke Corgi puppy, and after much research I came across Mrs Marian Your (Tri-umph Corgis) and Mrs. Nancy Kretschmer (Tiffany Corgis).  They both have been very kind and patient with me since I am a newbie, but they definitely have very different approaches. 

Mrs Your does everything through contracts that is binding, has several requirements, including some sort of co ownership, etc.  Mrs Kretschmer dislikes contracts, but does offer a health guarantee.  Also, according to my research, it seems Mrs Kreschmer has been in the business a bit longer than most breeders, and I have also heard good things about her here and also here.

Can anybody give me any advise, recommendation, even if you have another breeder to recommend?

So far I have been quoted $900 and $1100, by the way.

Thank you so much for your time, and your input.

Rafael G.

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Hi, thank you for your input. I actually purchased my Corgi from Nancy Kretschmer, and I paid 900. Seems like your was cheaper, but I'm quite happy with my Corgi. Mrs Kretschmer was very nice and helpful all the way through
I am also looking for a Pembroke Welsh corgi puppy in the Houston Area. I have one Pembroke Welsh corgi that I purchased from a breeder for $800. She's an AKC corgi, but far from breed standard, so don't get hung up price. I'm a dog trainer and I have students of mine who have paid less than me for corgis that were bred better. Just don't rush finding a breeder, meet the puppies and the parents. Let me know if you find any other good local breeders. I'll be sure to do the same. Good luck!

Chip was from an accidental litter, but I have two highly recommended breeders from North-ish Texas. In my opinion it was worth the drive that Jon went to go see them in person in Dallas/Weatherford, but the below are in different locations.

1. Wits End - there is a waiting list but my friends who got a corgi from there love Waffles and she is a very well mannered and trained tri color. They will run from $800 - $1110

2. There is a breeder named Holly, I am unsure if she has a large group but my other friend got her beautiful tri color from her ( Holly Smith McCullars). I would facebook her and see if she plans on breeding at all. 


I just saw your post regarding Nancy Kretschmer, Tiffany Corgis, please don't recommend her to anyone, she is a purely for profit breeder, wont register the puppies, mainly because she doesn't know who sired who, and the quality of her puppies is not good - it's a shame because she used to be a decent breeder and showed her dogs, but age and health problems have reduced her to this.


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