I have a 2 year old female (spayed) and I am going to add a male puppy who will be neutered. I have been searching and searching then I found a guy yesterday and was shocked that he was available and ready to go home! I thought I would have a little more prep time, but I will have to get him today or tomorrow!

Thoughts or suggestions on introducing them? It is just my female and I so I am attached to her and she to me, I don't want her to be upset. Ha, I don't know why I am so nervous about this; I can only imagine what having children is like! My corgi is pretty friendly and sweet, but she is a bit of a loner at the park, so I am hoping a puppy could help both of them socialize more.

Also, thoughts on crating them? Together or separate, or should I see how they are together? They will be separate at first. I was hoping the 2 yr old would be able to be out of the crate, but she gets herself into trouble so, if I am not home she is crated too :)


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I would crate separately. That way they both know they have their own space. You have to make sure neither one of them decides they are the boss and that you are the boss. Which is hard with corgis. Also make sure you don't just assume its the older corgis fault if they get into scuffles, the pup needs to know there are boundaries. Mostly it's just a trial and error.


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