How do your pooches do with storms?

Tank has a wierd history with storms. He was adopted during a storm (but didn't care - he was too busy trying to escape from the laundry basket we had him in!) Then, on Tuesday, he had a vet visit during the worst hail storm I've ever been in - baseball-sized hail! It shattered my side mirrors and but dings all over my car (but broke windows in the vets office and several vehicles). I don't think Tank knew about that storm either because he was too busy thinking about his nails being clipped and getting his last round of puppy shots.

We still haven't seen him react to a storm - do you all have any storm experience with your corgis?

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Miso has been outside in a storm (not a bad one!), and she was more fascinated with licking all of the grass and eating anything she could get her teeth around. I don't know how she reacts to storms, either!
Ok, similar question: how do you exercise a corgi when it's rainy? For example, its pouring right now and my pup is going to be up all night unless I find a way to use all that puppy energy! We have played hard around the house, but does anyone have any other suggestions on how to wear out a corgi?


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