PWCCA official definition of a "Black Headed Tricolor Pembroke Welsh Corgi"

taken from the PWCCA website:

"The photo on the left depicts a champion black and tan Pembroke Welsh Corgi male who has white markings on the top of his muzzle, chest, around his neck as a narrow collar, on his legs and underparts. This is commonly referred to as a tricolor. The black encompasses his eyes which makes him what is called a black headed tricolor. The photo on the right is of another champion male that shows the typical markings found on a black headed tricolor. Please note that it is perfectly acceptable to have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that is black and tan with no white, but a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that is black and white with no tan present is a mismark. The tan is often not present at birth, but appears within a few weeks after birth."

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Has anyone ever seen a black and tan corgi with NO white???

I am close to getting there but still have white 'mittens'. 1 week old pups, red highlights will come in later above eyes.


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