I would love to know what people feel are useful as supplements, what symptoms should they help the Corgi with, have they noticed any improvements and lastly, do they recommend these supplements to others.

Let the discussion begin!!

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I am not at present because he eats Canidae Platinum food. I look at the ingredients and they seem great to me but maybe I am missing something; first experience with a mature dog. Looking forward to insight from others.
Hi Joy and Buttercup!

I actually just had a post about fish oil and researched on the internet about supplements. Fish oil/Salmon oil are supposed to give a nice shiny coat and help dry skin. It is also great for joints. I only heard great things about these oils on other sites. I am starting 1 fish oil (1200mg) pill squeezed over food once a day, raw/cooked eggs 2 times a week, and 1tsp of yogurt/cottage cheese. Since Buttercup is much bigger than Chloe, the measurements probably differ. The eggs (which contain lots of protein) also promote a shiny and good coat. I will tell you how she does with this after a few weeks. But its not gonna hurt if you try it. I also feed Chloe Canidae but I heard when the food is cooked, the good stuff sometimes gets cooked out.
thanks Shane...that is interesting. Something to consider.
Hi Shane...I just reread this and I think I have seen somewhere that for older dogs, their formula of food changes to less protein. So maybe eggs might not be good? Don't know....would have to research.
Ohh. You may be right. I am not sure..
I give Bruce 1/2 tablet of human-grade supplement from Costco. It's Glucosamine HCL 1500mg with MSM 1500mg. I tuck it into a little piece of cheese and he takes it readily. I can't say for sure but it does seem to help him. He's getting slower and the mornings are especially evident.
Courtney took glucosamine supplements from the age of about 8 until she passed away. I was at college much of the time she was older, so I can't remember everything she took, but I know there was another tablet she was on.

The glucosamine helped her joints and she wasn't as stiff after she started taking them.
I don't think Buttercup's joints are stiff...so is there any point taking Glucosamine before there is a problem?
I know people who start the glucosamine before the dogs start getting stiff. It helps build the cartilage along the back and other joints. I've heard good things about starting it when the dog starts getting older.
Thanks, good to know!
Hello All,
I'm wondering about giving Bunny supplements to help her joints etc., especially glucosomine and fish oil. I read the comments you've all shared and wonder if there is a difference between human supplements and dog supplements? I've been feeding her Avoderm dry food and am now transitioning her to the Candiae dry and on our vets recommendation cutting her portions, replacing with water based veggies.
Any thoughts would be helpful,
I give my senior corgi mix Bruce human-grade glucosamine that I buy from Costco. Can't beat the price! I chop the tablets in half.


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