I have searched on the Internet and can't get any good info. I was told by the breeder 14-15 years but am wondering if this has been exaggerated.

If either type of Corgi were to die of a disease, what would it most likely to be?

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I was told to expect a life expectancy of 12 - 15 years. Some can be older.

Most dogs die of natural causes. Others may know of more specific diseases. Courtney died of lung cancer. It was a quick and sudden loss for us.
Thanks Carmen, sorry to hear of Courtney.
Courtney passed away in 2001, but it still hurts. Amazing how they effect our lives!
Yes, I never forget about my Siberian Husky, whom I had to pass on to someone else over 20 years ago. I still think of him often.
I will probably have to go to therapy.. When you know what happens. I cant even talk or think about it! It makes me so depressed.
I'm very afraid too....Nana (10 years old) is my very 1st dog in my life....my baby....
But, well, for now, she's fine.
Hi! This is Lilly and Ein's mommy. Ein is my old boy of 12, red headed pembroke. Other than orthapedic problems (birth defect, clubbed leg), and how overweight he was when I adopted him (2003) - he's pretty healthy. My Lilly is only 3, a cardi mix. She has cutaneous lymphoma, which is not typical of the breed, not to mention her age. I think the breeder was pretty spot on as far as how old we can expect our furry little children to become. :) I just lost my English Springer Spaniel a little over a year ago, she was 14. I am still greiving her loss, but she had a great life.
So sorry to hear about Lilly, thats so sad...... : (
Pedegree.com has a chart that shows life expectancy of each breed, and how old each breed is in human years at every age. It's very interesting. Corgis are high end on life expectancy, and have puppy phase for a long time. I don't know how good the science is, but it's fun to look at.


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