Hi Everyone -


I'm wondering what level of interest there is for a playdate or series of playdates in the Raleigh/Cary area this spring/summer?  I'd be happy to plan and schedule these if there is interest.  Also, any suggestions for locations are welcome.  I was thinking of the open fields on the Dorothea Dix campus on a weekend or the dog park off of Lake Wheeler Road.  Any other ideas?


I know my little guy Cabo would love a chance to frap with other corgis!


Look forward to hearing from you all!

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Hey Cathie -


Thanks for your message.  Where are you located?  We're in Apex.  Our yard is not the best for playdates, but we'd be happy to meet at a dog park if that works for you.


Cabo just had a teeth cleaning at the vet and then two teeth extracted so he is still recovering from that.  We'll probably need to wait another week or two before he is ready for any rough play.  He has stitches in his mouth for two weeks.  We'd love to get together later this month.  And, will you be at the NC Corgi Picnic in October?  We went last year and it was lots of fun.  Plan to attend again this year.


Hope we can get all these adorable corgis together soon!


Hi Cathie -


We were there!  I am so sorry we didn't connect out there.  I just looked at your blog and seeing your picture, I did see you there today, just didn't make the connection from our emails.  It was a great day and Cabo had so much fun!


Where do you all live?  Maybe we can get together sometime soon.  We're in Apex, but our yard is not fenced in.  We could meet at a dog park or if you have a fenced yard, come to your house. 


Sorry again that we did not meet today.  So many corgis out there!

I have a puppy so I have to be careful who he plays with right now but I have a small farm in Zebulon. I have one field that is about 2 1/2 acres and a second that is about 2 acres, plus a fenced in yard around my house. Whole outside of the farm is fenced so that no dogs can get out. I can move my Mules to a small paddock where the dogs could not get into where they are to be safe.

So if anyone or everyone would be interested in having a play date at my place I would love for you all to come.


Heather -

We are welcome to use my yard. You know the size - not way large - but if just a few want to come over there is plenty of room for that.


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