Helppp How do I get rid off skunk's smell on the dog? She didn't get spray on directly, but the smell is very very very strong.

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this is the best advice:


all of that other stuff about tomato juice just left me with a slightly pink and still odiferous Corgi..... Good luck, I know your pain ;)

Awesome link. Thank you so much.

That is a very good article. I did find though washing with vinegar helped but use shampoo to it might dry them out. If the smell is in the house, Lay these out about the house, charcoal (like on an old barbque grill) and cotton balls dipped in vanilla (the kind you cook with). But use caution with hydrogen perxiode on the dog.  It dyed one of my black labs orange in spots! I used that for their scatches and stuff, but noticed the article had that.  And time and air. I know how you feel..Bless your heart!

Thanks for your advice. I'll try that. I didn't use hydrogen perxiode on my dog, but Vinegar, baking soda, shampoo works just fine. The whole house still smells pretty bad.

Try tomoato juice bath


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