I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with boarding
facilities around the Portland area. I have to go in for a medical
procedure and the people who would normally watch Sydney are unable to
during this time.

Money is tight, however I want to ensure that the facility is nice and
safe for her. Would love to hear about any experiences you may have had.

Thanks so much!

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I haven't had to board Rosie yet, so I'm afraid I don't have any recommendations. But there is a free magazine that is published monthly here in Oregon called Spot Magazine . They usually have all kinds of ads for different services and once a year (in January) they publish a 'best in the northwest' edition, people nominate and vote for their favorite pet business (vets, pet supplies, etc.) in Portland and the winners are published in the magazine. I think there is a boarding facility category, but I'm not sure. Here is a link to the pdf version of the January 2010 edition http://www.spotmagazine.net/storage/issues/2010-1-Spot.pdf , maybe it will give you a place to begin your search? Best of luck to you on your medical procedure!
Thanks so much! I am downloading the PDF now.
Hi you might take a look at Camp Good Puppy they board which I beleive is 25.00 dollars a day plus they do daycare also my guys have never been boarded there but they do go to daycare every Friday and I would board them there if I needed to..
They are on a farm out by Camas so distance might be a problem for you...I actually drive by a ton of daycares to go to this one because 1. they are on a farm so no iside or chain link parking lots like other local daycares..2. they have ponds, fields,birds, sticks. a natural setting..3. the lady's that run it live on the property and are wonderfull. They are on the internet and have a facebook page with a ton of pics. for you to check out if interested.
Thanks a lot, Chrisy. That sounds like a great setting and I will definitely check them out.
I take in a Corgi every now and then. I charge $20/day.

My vote is for Dog's Dig it. It is a wonderful place. Located in SE Portland. They even have a shuttle to pick your dog up. They have a website that is very informative and even a web cam to watch you dog during the day. It is the only place I board Tucker. They have an area for Big Dogs and an area for Little Dogs.


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