We have two adorable corgis but one is very dominant and playful while the other is very submissive and does not like hyperactivity or play. The submissive one has recently began marking (is fully house-trained with a dog door) in the house objects--like toys, bones, sleep areas--of the dominant corgi. She also spends all day hiding to be "out of range" of the other corgi. We've tried everything to curb these behaviors but to no avail. So we are looking for a good home--probably without other dogs--for her. She is really a sweetheart...meek and shy but oh so lovable. She does not bark, bite, chew or jump up on furniture. I know most people here, if not everyone, already has dogs but I just wanted to put the word out. If you know of anyone who would be interested, please let me know. This is a low-energy, very docile dog who requires minimal exercise (she is not overweight but is small for the breed)...would be perfect for an older person without other pets or small children. She is 6 years old, spayed, and black and white...pictures on my page or I can email. We live in Salem. Thank you so much for any help!!

(sorry if this is duplicated...trying to figure out how to post)

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I responded below.  See comment.




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