I live in WI but have a friend  in Oregon that can no longer take care of her 2 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Does anyone know of someone willing to take him?  He is Special needs as he can not go down stairs as he has nerve damage since birth in his front paw and can not feel the pressure he puts on it.  He gets around just fine otherwise.  Can someone please help my friend Iris?  The Cardigan's Name is Ezekiel or Z for short.  Very sweet dog.  Get along with most dogs just not little ones like Maltese as he thinks he has to herd them.  Here is a picture of him.

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Try contacting the Meetup groups here in Oregon. I would love to have him, but if it's one thing I have around here, it's stairs. And lots of them!

Good luck!

I posted there too.  Hope someone is able to help her with her corgi.
My brother lives in the  Eugene area and is looking for a Corgi to adopt. Z sounds like a good match.  Can you email me the location and contact info for him so I can pass it along?  My personal email is tinalea2@gmail.com
Has this little guy found a home yet? I might know someone interested!!!

No he has not found a home yet.


I have just a few questions about Z,

1. Can he do a few stairs? My parents have a porch it has 4 stairs leading to the yard.

2. Is he cat freindly? This is a must since my Step mom does rescue of older cats and these animals often have no claws and limited mobility.

3. Is he located around the Portland metro area?

 Z would be an only dog at their house as they only will have 1 at a time they lost River about 4 months ago and are just now kinda talking about adopting other dog so this isn't a sure thing. But they really like my pemmy's and asked that if I could get a little more info.

Thanks a Bunch


Yes he can do a few steps depend how high they are but not more then a few.  He can go up them just fine it is going down that if they are too high he can't go down them and waits at the top to be picked up to go down them.  He went up a flight of stairs every day at my house as exercise but could not go down as it was 12 steps.  My outside steps were 6 and he could go up those but not down as it is about 5 feet off the ground.   He knew a cat I had and was fine with it for the time that he was around it  She used to play with my corgis. ( My cat died at 6 year old of an Aneurism. He only knew her for 6 months.)   He has lots of energy and must go for walks to burn it or go on a treadmill.  He is sweet and submissive but every energetic.  He loves bones and can be food possessive not to people but to other dogs.  So an only dog would be great for him.   He does like to eat cat food so you may have to watch that he does not get over weight on cat food.   If interested you can meet him by getting ahold of Denise she is temporarily fostering him at her house.  Her e-mail is boxin4@aol.com<boxin4@aol.com 


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