I do not understand how to improve my dogs potty habits. she pees on the floor and used to poop all at night when she has been out for more than a 1/2 hour. I do not understand why I have taken away her food at night but do not want to remove her water. does any one have any ideas. I am ready to get the pee pads they sell but I do not like that idea at all.

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what time does she eat dinner??? My pups get fed right at bedtime so they go to sleep with full tummy's and don't have to poo till morning =) If say your feeding her at 5pm she'll have to poo before morning .If you feed her at 9 or 10 pm she'll more likely poo in the morning 4-5 hrs is a big digestive differance =) crating/confining her should help with the poddy. I usally crate mine the 1st year untill their reliable.
Good Luck.
I feed Chesney at night before bed also. I also crate her at night. I take her out to go potty right before she goes to bed and not long after she eats. 9 times outta 10 she poos but she always pees. Where does she sleep? A lot of times they will do this sort of thing out of separation anxiety. Chesney still does it if I leave her in the house for even just 15 mins sometimes. She is a glue dog..hehehe. But they tend to not go in their crates so I crate her at night and if I leave the house for extended periods of time. I know some people don't agree with crating because it seems mean but just think of it as her bedroom..lol. That's what I do! It's her own little space that is hers and only hers.


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