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Hi all! Okay, so this is not an inquiry simply about how to get Darwin to go outside, it's more about how to get him adjusted to just going out say 5 times a day vs. 35. Over the past two weeks he has done great. Almost every day other day is a 100% outside potty day (the days in between result in one pee on the floor). Right now I am a student, so I am at home most of the day, and then my partner comes home when I go off to school. On Fridays we are both gone. Monday-Thursday, I find that I am taking him out almost every half hour on his request, and if I don't he will go on the floor. The odd thing is that on Friday, when he is his crate for 6 hours straight, no accidents. How do I get him to go, perhaps 4 times a day vs. every commercial break? (additionally, I don't know if this matters, but he goes on at least two walks a day, and we live on the third floor of our condo with no elevators- so he walks down- with some reluctance- and up the stairs). Any thoughts?

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Hi Ryan! I don't know how old your pup is, but I have a now 10 month old Mini Aussie, and he did the same thing for the longest time. He was potty trained from day 1 (seriously, he's pottied in my house twice, both my fault, not his) but he used to have to go out every 15-20 minutes. I work full-time, so he was in his crate all day. I would sometimes even come home for lunch, but he wouldn't go most times, he just held it all day. But in the evenings, the outside trips were unbearable (we too live on the 3rd floor!).

I don't know what to tell you other than he eventually grew out of it. Each month he would just be able to go a little longer between potty breaks. Now, he stays in his crate all day and only asks to go potty 2-3 times in the evenings when I'm home.

I've also noticed that he is more likely to want to go outside if he's bored. If he's occupied, he'll go all day without needing to go out. Maybe this is your guy's problem. I'd be interested to see if anyone else has any good ideas. Good luck!
I hear ya on the 3rd floor business! I think that boredom may play a part, but I'm not sure how to keep him from being bored. He goes on 3 walks a day, plays fetch, and we have tons of chew toys for him. I guess the big thing is me just needing to be more patient and he will eventually grow out of it. Thanks guys!
I'm new around here, so hi! My Hubby and I live in a second story apartment, and we've managed to litter box train our corgi, Pixie. They are smart dogs, so they pick it up rather quickly. We put a pee pad in the bottom of one of those extra large doghouses (took the top off and use it as a den). We started off with pads in and around the "litter box" and removed them one by one, leaving the one in the box. We gave her praise when she went on any of the pads and treats when she went in the box. She learned really fast. She's six months old now and for the last couple months has not had an accident. We even leave her out to run around with the cats when we're gone. When we come home, there is usually a "surprise" in the box- but nothing anywhere else. It might be something you could consider.

My little Dixie is 11 weeks old and I have had her for 3 weeks and I don't seem to be potty training her right. I take her out after eating and naps and any other time i can think of but half the time all she wants to do is play and so after about 10 minutes We go back inside. She doesn't go potty on walks either. HOWEVER, within 5 minutes or so she does a sneak attack and poops anywhere she wants in the house. I have tried limiting her access to parts of the house that she likes to make messes of the most often to no avail. She is trying to find ways to get back in and it is like she is holding it til she can make me crazy and go in the house. Any suggestions please! I know she is still a baby but I live at home and it is making my family crazy. Help Help Help!


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