Hi everyone! My little Tobee is about 10 weeks old now and I was wondering when your Poso Creek puppy's ears came up. I know this is a question in the FAQ and every puppy is different but I was just wondering :) When I picked her up 2 weeks ago I saw two of her siblings and both had theirs up. I just started feeding her nonfat plain yogurt yesterday for a little extra calcium, just in case! Thanks for your time!

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It took Frobolome about 14-15 weeks I think, probably because he had giant ears. We fed him a bit of yogurt every day until they went up. I don't know if it helped or not because it's not like we had another identical dog to compare him to who didn't have any yogurt, but it didn't hurt him anyway.

One went up first, and then it went down and the other went up, and then both went up when he was lying down but not when he was sitting up, and finally they stayed up around 15 weeks.
I can't remember when Bella ears started popping up but I know some days they were up and some days they were done! Then, one day! They just stayed up. Kims pups are very healthy so I wouldn't worry about it at this time. If your not sure, I'd ask either Kim or your vet for advise. I didn't give Bella any thing except her regular diet for a long time. Changing the diet can cause them to have the runs!!! Believe me when I say, you don't want to experience the runs. Give Tobee a little time and you will see a wonderful puppy with ears up and a happy smile on her little face.
Harley's ears didn't stand up until he was over 12 weeks old. And then it was only one. So, he looked pretty goofy for a while! Sophie's ears were both standing when we picked her up at 8 weeks old. Harley's ears are HUGE, so that may me the reason his didn't stand up as soon as Sophie's. Her hears are not as big as his. I never gave them any cottage cheese or yogurt or anything like that. It will happen when the muscles are strong enough.
it took 14 to 15 also for Bowsers ears to pop up. I believe it took a bit longer for one of his brothers to get his ears to go up.
Bonny's ears where up at 10 weeks but I had another corgi that only had one ear up for the longest time. I loved the goofy look of one ear up and one ear flopped over.
Thanks for all your answers :) I'm impatient lol. But actually one of her ears are up! Hopefully it'll stay that way! I don't know if the yogurt and massaging helped, but I'll take it lol Also, the yogurt hasn't affected her stomach either(knock on wood, lol)

Here she is, with a guilty type look lol


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