Hey everyone! I'll be getting a puppy from Poso Creek and was wondering if anyone have issues with their dog or the breeder? Since this is the first time purchasing a dog, i'm not sure what to look for. With all those warnings about backyard breeders, how do you know which breeders are legit? Kim sounds like a reputable breeder. She had answered every question that I had and everytime I mention about putting in a deposit, she told me to hold off until she knows for sure there is a puppy for me. When did you guys submit a deposit? Did she help with matching personalities? I'm concerned about that because I dont want a hyper dog if i'm more of a laidback person. thanks for the comment/advice in advance!!

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Kim is a wonderful Breeder.  I got my Bella from her about 2 years ago.  I don't remember sending her a disposit but I may have and just can't remember right now.  Kim breeds for quality and tempermint.  You can't really tell what a puppy will turn out to be?  My Bella is pretty calm but it's probably because she gets a couple of hours in the dog park everyday.  Corgi's need play time to run off the energy.  When Bella doesn't get her special time, she runs circles in the house until her energy level lowers.  Kim only had one puppy left when I called her so I didn't get a choice other than I was specific it needed to be female and she had a fluffy that was  female.  I suggest if they want a puppy to follow Kim's lead.  She's been doing this for quiet a while and will only deliver to you a healthy, well socialized puppy. 

thanks for the response. I actually found Kim through this Poso Creek Group and chose her because it sounded like everyone had a wonderful experience with her. I cannot wait to pick out a puppy from her!!!

I think Kim is a very reputable breeder.  it is hard to determine what the personality of your puppy will be because of who knows what.  Bonny will be 3 years old is a few weeks, the most affectionate dog ever but she wants to chase cars!  Despite training sessions she will always want to herd those darn cars.  So she has a sturdy harness when I walk  her daily, a small price to pay for suchd a wonderful companion. 

I love my two Posos Creek dogs.  I couldn't be happier with how well behaved, smart, good tempered and sociable they are.  Kim does an excellant job of breeding great family dogs.  I highly recommend her.  I already have three good families that really really want them both if I ever need to place them.  I couldn't imagine my life without them and I am seriouosly thinking of geting a third puppy.  I didn't get to see either dog before I picked them up but the match is perfect.  They love the beach and the snow.  I have not had any problems of any kind.  Enjoy your new puppy.

Hands down Poso Creek puppies are the best!  We got Yolie (almost 3) from her. She is the sweetest, best natured dog. Kim didn't have another litter due when I was ready for our second so we got her from another breeder. I love Leela (2 1/2) so much, but she isn't as calm, -friendly as all get out though. Since we have a corgi obsession we went back to Kim for our third. We waited for a litter from her dogs. Rocco (3 months) is so sweet, even tempered, good natured. I don't plan on anymore but if I did, I would go back to Poso Creek for sure!

We didn't meet either of our puppies prior to pick up. She does breed great personalities and best buddies there, so I wouldn't worry. All dogs (actually the people) deserve training and exercise. I wouldn't hesitate to get a dog from her.

Corgis are the BEST dogs and Poso Creek is the BEST breeder.


Can't wait to hear that you have one coming! Keep us posted!


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