Does anyone worry about their dogs being taken while out with them or having them in the workplace? There have been incidents in SC where people's pets have been stolen from the workplace (usually a retail environment) or from their homes. With the corgi's being so outgoing and friendly, I worry about them being taken. All of my corgis are microchipped and tattoo'd. I have considered posting a sign that all dogs on premises are tattoo'd and microchipped but my husband thinks I'm just paranoid. Any thoughts????

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Your not paranoid at all. Infact...AKC in 2008 or 2007 sent out a press release stating dog thefts were on the rise. One of the news stations did a story on the rising dog thefts and the #1 breed to have been stolen was the PWC. I've put this warning in all of my puppy packets for new puppy buyers to make them aware. There have been incidents of dogs left in cars and stolen. Show dogs even. I'd be cautious.
The micro chips only work if someone is looking for it and not all vets have the same microchip system. They may scan your dog and not pick up anything. Also if you put the microchips in your dog at a young age the chip can travel out of the scanned area as they grow.
I think that it is always good to error on the side of caution. We sometimes are worried about Le-Le being up front in our truck on her seat so we put her in the back in her crate so no one can see her. A friend told me about a neighbor in LA who had their dog snatched from their young son who was walking the dog. So sad to think of. One thing about Cardigans is they sometimes are more wary and will bark or not run up to strangers(or so my breeders told us).
We thought about putting some sign up to say "We know our dog is cute, but she's old & has been fixed!" to our car & house windows... :) Did we actually do it? Nope. But dog theft is a concern these days... :(
You know that isn't such a bad idea and add she is epileptic and needs regular medication.
I'd say better safe than sorry. I don't think you're paranoid, I'd go for the sign. I'd rather be thought paranoid than be broken-hearted and feel all that "if-only" guilt if someone stole my dog! I don't worry about this so much, as I live in a very small town and no one really cares that much about dogs around here. But if I lived in a big city, I'd DEFINITELY take precautions. It's worth the good night's sleep. Take care.
I never have my boy out of my site! Always on a leash when we go out, I would hate for anything to happen.
You could put a tracking device on them. They have gps tracking devices that clip onto kids and pets now.
I am very cautious anytime I take Daisy anywhere. She is way too friendly.
I have seen those advertised. Not a bad idea at all. I don't let any of my dogs roam "freely" but there are times when I can't have my eyes on them. It's sad to say that nowhere is safe. I'm aware of dog theft from home break-ins, dogs being removed from fenced (and locked) yards, stolen from dog shows/trials, car theft and being taken from retail establishments. Scary world.
Yes, it is a concern of mine when we're out and about with Bunny. I'm hesitant to take her when she'll be in the car for very long without someone with her, even in the cold weather. Or where I know I won't be able to see her in the car.

Its become a concern for me even leaving her in the backyard; she usually sits at the gate where she can see who walks down the sidewalk. I'm thinking of someway to allow her to see out and not allow people to see in, maybe a piece of plexiglass with a one-way film on it. And making the gate taller so it would be difficult for someone to hop over it easily.
We live near a busy street, near the down town area.
Bunny is chipped and registered. Friendly as all get out, like most corgis.
I've seen some cute yard flags and signs for corgis, and am hesitant to put one up for fear of drawing attention to the fact that she is there. Maybe in the backyard where we can enjoy it, but not the public on the street.
Sad fact if life,
Does anyone have experience with the GPS units for dogs?

I don't, but just thinking about it, wouldn't it be too simple for the dog-napper to just remove the device and toss it in the nearest trash can or body of water or moving pickup truck? Maybe I read to many crime novels, LOL!


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