I know puppies come in all different weights but I'm curious to see how quickly all of our littles ones are growing!

Mine just weighed in at 10 pounds 8 ounces today and he is 11 weeks and 3 days old! He seems pretty big to me!! Our cat is 13 pounds so he's catching up pretty quickly!

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Ein is just a few days shy of 6 months. She was 18.5lbs at her last appointment a month ago. We'll get her next weight when she gets fixed on Monday.

Nemo was 10.5 lbs at his 13 week exam last week. I can feel him growing every day. Our stairs going to our house are temporary and have a rise too steep for him, so I have to carry him up and down. My husband and I have both commented on how we need to hurry up and get our permanent stairs built before he gets too big. 

OMG we live on the second floor of an apartment complex so we are constantly carrying our Reginald up and down the stairs!!! SO heavy! I feel your pain! I hope we find a house soon or he gets bigger so he can go up and down stairs. Hope you guys get your permanent stairs soon! :)

My Toby is pretty small, only weighing in at 8 pounds at his 12 week check up.

Same for my Scotty, he is still very tiny when we walk into a 2-year-old full grown Corgi yesterday!!!

Cora is now around 12 lbs at 5 months old. She is about average according to the vet. I am sure she weighs a bit more since the last vet appointment because I swear when we went to let her out this morning she looked like she grew.

She is slowly getting more and more hair down her back and around her neck. Her chest is broadening and she is beginning to look more like a mini Corgi than a puppy (if you catch my drift).

She is the bright spot of our day.

Our Cat is 15 lbs (she is big for a cat) and the dog is still not as big in size as she is. We just look at them side by side and it looks hysterical. The cat does give us a good perspective on if Cora grew or not.

She's beautiful!! What a sweet girl! I'm starting to think maybe my dog is on the large side...

Lucy is 6 months old and weighed 15.8 pounds when she went into the vet this week to be spayed. I had to laugh when the vet told me I should keep her calm for the next 10 days. I asked if she had noticed my dog was a corgi. Lucy was quiet the first two days, but today she was herding the cat and jumping on the bed. Never dull with Lucy! Lucy's parents were smaller corgis and she was the smallest in the litter, so we are expecting her to be on the petite side.

Man, y'all are making me feel like Ein is a fatty lol.

LOL! I think our pups are just bigger. 

Booker is about 6 months old now and weighs about 20 lbs. He looks so small compared to the Corgis I've seen around town, hopefully he'll keep growing a little bit!

Alma was 11.7 lbs at 13 weeks. One week later she was up to 13 lbs! She has been gaining about a pound a week since she came home. I know of two others in her litter and she is smaller than both of them.


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