Hey everyone,

I think we should post pics of our puppies as the grow through puppyhood. Start with the first pic you have of your corgi and an updated one. Keeping adding updated pics as you see your corgi grow up. 

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Reginald at 1 week old at the breeder's and at 10 weeks old, enjoying the foot vent AC in the car:

sooo cute! It's crazy how fast the grow.

FIli on our back deck. She's been home one whole day! Photo taken by my roommate, Tanner Teaff.

Fili this morning. She has been home for 3 weeks now. She's gotten so big!

2 weeks old

9 weeks next two are between her 10th and 11th weekand now at 14-15 weeksI take a lot of pictures of her lol

Weston at one week and at four week I cannot wait to bring my guy home :)

OMG he is so adorable! He reminds me of Luigi when he was that size.

I already am so in love cannot wait for his ears to stick up :)

Weston is so handsome!

 This pic was when he was 2 months old

This is him at 4 months. He has grown so much. I can't believe he is almost 15 lbs.

should I be at all concerned that his ears havent stuck up or that he looks terrified ?

No I wouldn't worry about it. Luigi's ears weren't up when I picked him up at 6 weeks. The first ear was up at 7 weeks and the second ear a few days later. It will happen.

Bandit at 6 days old!


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