Hey everyone,

I think we should post pics of our puppies as the grow through puppyhood. Start with the first pic you have of your corgi and an updated one. Keeping adding updated pics as you see your corgi grow up. 

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He looks just like a mini bear :) somcute
Thank you! Bandit is a girl though lol I know it is more of a masculine name but it stuck with me.

Bandit at 9 days old. What a difference 3 days makes! Eyes starting to open, fluffing up some, and some more reds are creeping up on her cheeks and "eyebrows".

Sorry for calling her a boy she is precious

They are all so adorable!

Bandit at 2 weeks and 1 day old! Look how alert her eyes are! I can't wait for my 3 week update <3

Bandit is now 3 weeks and 2 days old! She just had her first "real" meal today.

Bandit is now 4 weeks and 3 days old! Look at her little stumpy legs <3

This is Gallifrey at 4 weeks old. Born May 27, 2013.

Gallifrey is now 4 months old.

Now 5 months

Here is Gertie at 10 weeks.

Now she is 12 weeks old.

Gertie at 4 and 5 Months



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