I figured since this is a group about puppies being born in 2013, we should at least mention the birthdays of our awesome pups.

Fili was born April 29, 2013. She gets to come home in two weeks!

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Applejack was born April 12th, 2013. She comes home in three days!

Applejack is such a cute name!

Thank you. I'm sure you can't wait to snuggle your baby as much as I want to snuggle mine <3

I love applejack's name :)

Luigi was born May 7th, 2013. I pick him up next friday! You definitely need to post photos of applejack when you get him.

Ein was born January 24th, 2013. She is 25 days younger than my son. Lol! We've had her for 2 months now.

Lucy was born on January 15. I can't believe she is already 5 months old!
Tobias was born on April 21st, same day as my parents dog (just seven years between the two!). I just picked him up at noon today! Currently being woken up by his first accident, ill take the blame for this one, a few set backs won't ruin the joys of having him though. He's already sweet and snuggly, I love him so much already!

Booker was born 1/18/13, he's a little over 5 months now. We got him because I wanted an agility dog, but boy he may be the laziest puppy I've ever known! 

Reginald was also born on April 29th! He's coming home with me on Saturday!!

Scotty was born April 5th, 2013. He is with us for two months already.

Peanut was born May 19 and he just came home last Sunday.


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