My name is Sylvia and I admit to being a collar and leash fanatic. I admit to buying unusual ones (I've included a couple in pictures) in complimentary colors, like green and or red. Many people notice and compliment Timmy on his accessories. I feel that the plain head with a beautiful collar are just the ticket for strutting.

Do you all do anything special to emphasize your beautiful redheads? LOL

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oh you know it! we have ein in an awesome red collar just like the ein from the anime, cowboy bebop. we're working on getting him a gold or bronze id tag so that he matches him to the t. but i must say that a black spiked collar would look awesome. we have the luxury of trying items on him electronically via our nintendo ds! we just love nintendogs! i had the game before we got ein so that i could practice. lol.
hahahahah! =D
when i got squizzy i naturally put a virginia tech 'hokie' collar and leash on him, since i am a student and an avid football fan, in the colors of maroon and looks fabulous against his red coat!!!
Ella has a pink collar and matching leash. Her neck is so little that she has to have a small size, so it doesn't show up too well with all of her white neck fur. The pink seems to go well with the red and white.
When Bella was a puppy, I bought her a hot pink collar and and pink & white checked gingham leash. Really cute and her fur wasn't so fluffy, so you could see it and know she was a girl. Now that she has grown a bit, I've moved on to Red. People notice her happy gait and she is always smiling! I didn't realize how much she smiles compared to other breeds. I love it that she always looks happy & content. Sorry,I got a little sidetracked there... :D
Absolutely! We love to spoil our little girl. As I am also a fan of lady bugs, Lupine put out a collection of "Beetle Mania" dog accessories that have green foliage and hundreds of ladybugs! Against her red coat we get alot of compliments on the set.
Tucker came with a collar to compliment his coloring, but I just bought a new leash today, that will look so cool.  I will eventually get him a new collar when I find one I like that will match.

Tuckers new leash to go with his coloring, finally found one I loved!!  Of course Lance got a new leash, even though hes not a redhead and got included in the pic, lol. 



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