I think it would be a great idea to log our miles for 2013 and see if we can make it to Cardiff, Wales. Be honest, how many of our corgis are actually going to set foot in their native land? But wouldn't it be fun to see if we could walk there in a year? It is 4719 miles to Cardiff. We would have to average about 13 miles a day to do it in a year. (We would do this collectively not singularly, so don't worry about not being able to do 13 miles a day yourself)
I will schedule about 2 meet ups a month so that we can accumulate miles that way, but individuals are encouraged to record their daily miles as well.
If we have any computer whizzes out there that can set up a program for us to log our miles and have it show on a map I would appreciate your help and expertise, Otherwise I will just have to figure something out.
So watch for the special Walk To Cardiff Meet ups to begin in January. This will be a great New Years Resolution to make. Sign up at http://www.meetup.com/corgi-102/events/90203722/

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1.25 mi. to Cloud City Coffee.

Similar in the evening.  That's 2.5 daily.

5 miles daily if both dogs count.

Ew.  Gonna take us 2.6 years, and that's assuming they don't have much trouble with the Atlantic.  Y'know, up-and-down all those big waves, with those short legs....   I dunno.


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