Just a adopted a show Corgi. Any info for a newbie to the show ring?

I just adopted a 1 yr old show Corgi from his previous owner. She was moving and couldn't keep him. His sister is a finished champion. Her brother, Corri- my adoptee, lacked 2 points and didn't finish. 


I won't be showing him for a little while so he can get used to me and so I have time to learn. 


Can anyone give me information? thanks!

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Welcome!  First suggestion to get your feet wet is to attend a few local shows and see if it's something that you want to get involved in.  Find your local kennel club, join and see if there's someone that would be willing to let you tag along and help.  Doesn't need to be a corgi person, just a show person.  Then find a corgi person to hang with. 

Best way to learn is by watching and helping someone else and once you are sure this is what you want to do, then start taking conformation classes with your dog.  He might have an idea of what he is doing, but since you don't, classes will help you bond and form a trusting relationship.

Oh and post on the lists with any questions you may have.  Some of us have cardigans, some pems, some both, but it's all pretty much the same thing in a overall view of the dog show world.


Hi, how have you & Corri been going?  Cindy gave you great advice below, I think she got it all covered :x)


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