Where is everyone from?

I have Junebug and Elvis, and we live in Brookings. Would love to have a play date!

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My name is Kim, and my little guy's name is Riley. We live in Pierre. My sister also lives here in town and she has a corgi as well. She's a daughter from my mother's female she bred a few years ago. Corgis in our family are like potato chips, we can't have just one. So between my mother's four (she also kept a little girl from the litter), my sister's one, and my black sheep of the family (the only tri-colored) you can bet the holidays are run by the dogs ^_^
We live in Mission, SD. We have just the one Corgi, Mozi.
My name is Katie, my girlie's name is Mitzie, and we live in Sioux Falls.  We also have a Cocker Spaniel/Maltese mix named Joey.  We would love a play date anytime!


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