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Poinciana Neighborhood Park & Poinciana Dog Park
1301 South 21st Avenue

Known throughout the City by dog owners, Poinciana provides a location to stretch a pet's legs as well as a pleasant spot for two-legged visitors to enjoy a walking path, playground covered shade structure, shoot hoops or enjoy a picnic. It also has beautiful poinciana trees.

Is this the dog park were thinking of??
That's exactly it, and I apologise in advance for dirty dogs. I have been having a big problem with dust clouds being kicked up since we have had much rain lately.
AUGH. I ended up getting there two hours late due to a legal seminar thingie I had to attend downtown. I was hoping there might be stragglers, but instead there were two pit bulls, a shy German Shepherd, various ittybitty dogs of varying courage, and we were joined by an adorable English Bulldog, a Sheltie and some miscellaneous-looking dogs.

It was quite pleasant, but I was disappointed I missed everybody who showed up. :/
Well I got there a little after 12 and left a stayed for about 45 minutes. I didn't see any corgi's there. However there was a guy there who said another corgi had just left before I arrived.
Guess I should have asked which dog park. Went to 2, and didn't see anyone. :(
[is puzzled] The address was posted up-thread. Maybe we just all showed up at mutually exclusive times?

I'm so sorry you missed it. Let's think of this as a dress rehearsal!
I went to Poincietta, but no one was there at noon. Stayed til 12:30. ah well. I met a nice guy from Chicago when I was there. We then took a quick trip to TY, but didn't see anyone. At least she got out for a little bit. Hope the April date will work better for everyone.
I was so frustrated when I realised I couldn't get away in time -- although some advice I got proved worth it.

When the Sheltie showed up, we managed at least a herding dog convention. :)
Hello to all...we missed the Mar.14th opportunity. When are you planning to have the next Corgi's meetup?
We take Leo to the Plantation park 3-4 times a week...so if there is anyone coming there with his/her Corgi I would love to meet up. We just met Corgis twice there...pitty.
Leo sure doesn't mind it as he runs after all dogs as long as they are playful....but still it would be nice to see it happen!
Thanks to all,
Corgi Meet Up- Snyder Park April 16th 10:30 AM


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