I am needing to find a new home for 5 year old Petey. You can see pics of him on our page. He will need a home where he can be the only pet. He got along with dogs and cats until a couple of years ago until he went through several changes at home. He has become more aggressive towards his current pet housemates. My friend and I shared ownership but he stayed with the friend when I had to move. Since then he has had to deal with a lot of change. He may be part chi, but as you can see from the pics, he looks mostly corgi, just minus the excessive undercoat. His personality and mannerisms are 100% corgi, including the weird Corgi noises and sleeping positions and general floppiness...lol. He really is a sweet dog that doesn't mind you doing anything to him. He kind of turns into a boneless ragdoll (very cute). LOVES baths so much he falls asleep standing up. LOVES LOVES LOVES going on walkies and car rides. If you can help find this sweetie a new home, please let me know. If you are or have a trainer, you can probably help him overcome his issues.

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Stephanie, we are a house of 3 corgis so we would not be a good home for your baby but I wanted to let you know about the North Texas Corgi Rescue.  They have a big presence on Facebook so please let them know and they may be able to help you find someone.  Best Wishes to you and your fur baby.

Thanks Kim...I really appreciate it. I love the little knucklehead. Petey is really a sweet playful pup who loves people. He doesn't live with me anymore so he doesn't get exercise or car rides anymore. I'm sure a lot of his aggression is related to pent up energy and lack of stimulation. I wish I could take him in, but he would attack my intensely hyper young male. If I would have known this might happen, I would not have gotten male Bugg (BT/pug mix) last year to keep my female Bugg company. Petey grew up with my female and they are just fine together.


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