Radar & I have had a long journey to get where we are today.  I am so thankful for the training we went through a few years ago.  Radar in the beginning was quite the handful as may people told me Corgi's can be.  Once you get the upper hand with them you have to keep it because they do like to keep raising the bar once they figure out what you are doing.  My Radar, when he feels he is in need of attention loves to steal items from the counter...then he goes in guarding mode of whatever he steals.  For a long time I would throw an oyster cracker or biscuit to divert his attention so I could basically steal back whatever he stole.  Lately, I have tried a new tactic which seems to be working.

I get a treat and put it in my pocket, tell Radar to go to his place and stay...which is usually a kitchen throw rug.  I then take back what has been stolen....then have Radar do a trick to "earn" his treat.  At least this way I feel he is not getting rewarded for being a stinker.  There are times as well that I make him wait a few minutes before having him do any tricks for treats.  Something else he does is guard  the kitchen trash can which is by a doorway that I frequently use.  When he gets intense with the trash can I use the "go to your place and stay command."  This has been working

quite well too!

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