How many toys does your dog(s) have?  What kind?  

We counted 7 toys in one room the other day.  I seem to find a toy in every room in the house.  Gracie cannot have any kind of toy with stuffing in it.  She destroys every toy we have.  We have a lot of Kong toys, nylabones and tough rubber toys.  No soft toys for her! She even destroys her dogbed and shred her blanket!  She cracks us when she has her toy in her mouth.  She walks around and comes up to and growls!

Our other dog, Teddie was so funny with her toys.  She was much more mothering.  She had and stuffed soft hamburger (we use to call is Mr. Hamburger) that she would walk around with.  She liked the soft toys and would lick them but she wouldn't destroy them. Isn't it funny how they are all so different! :)

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I, too, find toys scattered throughout the house - Tess is worse than a Toddler! It would be great if I could teach her how to put them away. She really loves the stuffed toys that squeak but she chews them until the stuffing comes out! She has a other toys - rubber toys, balls, etc. - but she doesn't enjoy those as much. She recently began chewing the zippers off some of my things - my slippers, hooded sweatshirts, etc. That has been a new behavior and makes me wonder what suddenly caused it.
Madeleine probably has...15-20? toys..and that doesn't count the ones in a bin in the garage waiting to be mended. I'm a sucker, I love her excitement when I bring something new home! Of course she LOVES her blue ball and pink square that squeak so loud you can hear them outside. I'm loving the new toys that don't have stuffing, but have multiple squeakies (they should sell replacement squeakers!) because the squeakers are the first to go, then the stuffing, and the toys that have crinkle paper and squeakers. But even the neoprene anti rip toy I got has to be mended often.


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