Hi, I hope this is an okay thing to ask, but I'm wondering if people can advise me as to when my Heidi might have her first heat. She's staying with another family temporarily right now, while I am healing from injuries from a recent car accident. She's 5 months old and will probably be away at least another 3-4 weeks. The family has a male mixed breed dog who is neutered, but I'm not sure what other dogs might live in their area. I want to make sure she's protected if she has her first heat before she comes back to me! I might possibly want to breed her one day (to another purebred Corgi), but definitely not while she's still a baby herself. The family who has her is totally awesome and they're taking great care of her. I told them I'd find out anything I could about this issue and let them know what to look for.
Does anyone know about when she might have her first heat? And also, how we will be able to know? (symptoms) Thanks for any info or experience you can share. :)

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I am planning to have Bindi spayed before her first heat -she's adorable, but not quite "breeding stock"- plus, she is 1000x less likely to develop uterine and ovarian cancers! The vet said to have the procedure done at 6 mos.

I checked the myCorgi forums and there is lots of conversation on the topic: http://www.mycorgi.com/forum/topics/1150197:Topic:82877
Ella had her first heat around 8 months old (so we had to wait to get her fixed until after it was over), but I've heard it can be anywhere between 5 months and a year for the first heat. Every dog is different, but the average is around 6 months old. The biggest sign is the blood, and let me tell you we freaked out when our new puppy started bleeding on the floor one day. Thank goodness for a vet who is very patient with new parents. From what the vet told me: there will be blood/spotting for like 2 weeks (buy some baby wipes for quick clean up of house and dog), and their lady parts will be sore and swollen for like a month. Don't let your dog near other dogs during this time (unless they are fixed).
Ella was also a bit weak and a little mean, the vet said this was normal and would come and go during the month.
I'm trying to remember back and I think it is a 7 week process, but you should talk to your vet or search for more on the web.
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