(I had this posted on the main page but someone suggested I post it in this group too.)

Hey everyone...

I'm considering giving up my 2-year-old, Heidi.  This is a very hard thing because she's a wonderful dog and I've been
very judgmental and self-righteous in the past about people who give up
their dogs for reasons that I believed were trivial.  (I have no right
to judge people that way, and feel a lot of remorse.)

Anyway, this is the situation:  I want what's best for my dog.  For reasons
beyond my control, she's not allowed in the house. She has a pen
outside with toys and a doghouse, etc, and I give her as much exercise
and attention as possible but recently she's developed the skills to
escape from her pen.  She digs, she bends the wire up, she pushes the
(latched) gate hard enough to slip through the space, she comes up with
ways to get out whenever I'm not around.  I live in a rural setting,
there is livestock around, as well as several packs of other stray
dogs, wild animals, hunters, etc.   I'm concerned for her safety.  I
don't want her running loose and encountering anything potentially

When I bought her, the breeder told me they would always take her back if I needed to re-home her, no questions asked.  I
tried calling them yesterday but the number was disconnected.  I'm
definitely NOT going to take her to a shelter.  I love her very much
and can barely stand the thought of giving her up but I'm starting to
feel it might be best for Heidi.  She's a lovely dog and doesn't have
any problems other than her escaping skills.  She probably needs to be
a house dog with someone who can watch her and keep her more
entertained than I can.  She'd also probably enjoy other dogs to play
with too.

MyCorgi has come through time and again in situations like this.  Anyone interested?

I live in Selmer, TN (an hour south of Jackson and east of Memphis). 
Heidi is 2 years old, purebred, spayed, up to date on Frontline, and
has few problems (she's a little food-aggressive, but takes correction
easily, and she freaks out about having her nails cut...nothing Corgi
owners aren't used to).

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You might want to send an email to Rebecca Garrett about your situation with, Heidi - she is the breeder I got my corgi from and she does some rehoming and rescue. She is on MyCorgi.com - under Rebecca Garrett's Corgi Kids. -

Best of Luck! Stephanie Coulter
ok, I will do that. Thanks!
If you really dont want to get rid of her you could try putting a stake in the ground and put her on a cable. they work great for small dogs she wont break it because she simply isnt big enough. this could be a solution to your problem or you you could put a low voltage electric fence around the perimeter of the pen. this sounds mean but it works Ive done this for my lab he used to climb the fence so i put one around the top of his pen. After a few times of getting shocked you wont even have to have it on anymore. It scares them more than it hurts them I promise. I know its hard to get rid of your pets. hope its not too late.
Did anyone get your dog.  Just got on here the 1st time in a long time
If your little Heidi is still available for adoption, I'd love to be considered for taking her in. I have a little Cardigan and I'm sure he would love a friend, and she would get a lot of love in my home. Just let me know! I live in Memphis, so I'm not too far.


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