We have been lucky enough to run into some Nashville-area corgi owners recently at the Centennial Dog Park small dog area. Is anyone interested in setting up a standing corgi lovers time on the weekends to meet up if and when available?

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Oh how nice that would be if I were closer. Hope people in your area respond.
We would love to, we are pretty open on the weekends, Sunday afternoons would be great! Hopefully some other Nashville corgi owners respond.
Would you like to meet up this Sunday? I think 2:30 or later would work with my schedule.
whenever!!! we always seem to be leaving when the corgis get to the park
Let's plan on this Sunday at 2:30 then. Looking forward to it! Two Pipps! Oh my.
Hey guys. We will see you at 2:30pm =)
hey guys, pippin and chino had fun we cant wait til next time!!!
Meet up on thursday? after 5?
Hey guys, sorry we missed you on Thursday. We just saw your post.

We were thinking of going on Sunday at 2pm. Let us know if you can make it.
i wonder if 2 is too early, they didnt really play last time...but we are cool with whatever time!
We've got to be somewhere at 5, so 3 would work, whatever you guys want to do.

I did tell Charlie that we did our last one at 2:30 and he said he would try to make it this Sunday at that time, but he may not come.
Hey guys! If it's not raining, Pippen and I will try to get there around 2:30 unless we hear different.


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