I am curious. When you got your tri- Corgi as a puppy did it have a red face or a black face and did it change as they matured? Lizzies face had the same markings as a puppy as she has now. I know they often change. Brodie has a black face now, but I'm not so sure it will stay. What has been your experience?

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Lucy had black patches, with a little red at the top of her head. A total goofball, her reigistered name is Lucille MacGillidcuddy! Now her face is mostly red.
Chester's markings really haven't changed much, if at all. Masked he began, and masked he stayed! Lizzie is a cutie-patootie!
I haven't gotten my puppy yet but my breeder sends me lots of pictures and he has definitely changed a lot!
These pictures show him at four days, four weeks, and five and a half weeks, he's the one with the spot on his head :) The outside of his ears used to be really dark and they've lightened up a lot! The breeder said he grandpa was a red-headed so she figured he would be too so I'm really excited about how much red he's getting
Kristen,I am wondering something similar!
I bet your little guys will stay pretty much the same. My two tri's have stayed fairly the same. It's just that Major's head had seemed more red at one point and filled in black as was when he was a puppy. I am wondering if it just seems more red as he is sheading,because he seems more red again lately. IDK??


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