I enjoyed the majority of the songs on the Twilight soundtrack but was a little disappointed with the new Moon soundtrack. It was so low key and melancholy. There were a couple good songs but over all, I thought it could have been much better. Let's hope Eclipse has more to offer!

What song or songs would you like to hear in one of the Twilight movies? Which ones just scream vampire action/romance to you?

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more Muse :-) and Paramore...
I like Muse's Resistance a lot. The beginning has something that I could imagine in a vampire movie
I really like Death Cab and Thom Yorke and the other songs weren't awful, I just wish they weren't all so mellow. I just think the first soundtrack was a better compilation. I liked the Rob songs as well as Blue Foundation, Muse and Iron & Wine. Why aren't they putting more of Rob's songs on the soundtracks?


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