Would love to get a bunch of corgis together in the Spring in the Buffalo area... for like a picnic or something?!?!?

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I am! And I would be willing!! There are a few of us in Clarence Center and there are a few more members here also. All we have to do is figure out where to go!

Hello Joanna, Rainy & Calvin,

Saw your post about living by Buffalo and we live in Amherst.  Wanted to see if you know, or any of your other members in the area, know anyone who is selling corgi's? My husband and i are looking for our 1st one. We appreciate any help.  Thank you, Danielle


Hmm...don't  know of any corgi specific breeders in the area.  There was a kennel in Lokcport area that used to have corgis.  Spirit Wind Farms, or something like that?  We got our first corgi down in South Wales/Strykersville from a couple whose show corgis gave birth to a litter.  That was a long time ago though.  Occasionally there will be an ad in the paper for pups.  Seems like most of the breeders in MYS are east of the finger lakes region, or in PA...depends on how far you are willing to go for the pupsters.  Wish I could be of more help.

I am also in the Buffalo area with three corgis. I am also interested, though I am hesitant about one of the corgis and his ability to socialize. My two females would love it, however.
Hi!!! So sorry it's been so long since I've been on this site.. But with the weather getting nicer I would really love to look into getting a corgi play date going!! Any suggestions on where to meet?? Preferably on a weekend..?

Hi there, sorry that this is such a late reply but I just joined the website a few days ago and found this group today.  I was hoping that there was a group representing western new york corgis so I am really happy I found you guys!  My 3 month old Pembroke named Theodore and I are located in the southtowns and would love to get to know other corgis and their owners that live in the area!

We should make some plans!  My life went into a sort of limbo for the past year, as I had to give up walking for the most part, and finally started dialysis this past August several times per week.  I am always up to try to make meet-ups or even organize a small corgi picnic when the weather gets nice again.  I only know of one off-leash dog park in Amherst...but I can look around for some others.  I would love to meet all you WNY corgis....even if you just want to meet at the house!  We could have a cookout!

Ok people, this post seems to threaten action, but none is taken! I propose a corgi get together at one of the dog parks. Its nice weather for these double coated dogs to run around in!! 


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