Ok, I am going to look at puppies this afternoon!  What kind of puppy food do you all use and why? Boy, what a loaded question, I know, but this is my first dog!

Thanks for your input.

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Holistic Select is what I feed my 2 and any fosters that come into my house. My 2 poop less and dont have any issues with skin allergies. Excellent food in my opinion....
Thanks, I have never heard of it before. I will look into it,
I feed my corgi only Blue Buffalo(holistic, not the brand, but holistic is a style of food) , but there are several good options. just make sure that you get a puppy food that has a meat as the first ingredient and has little to no corn products. Some companies like to hide sugar products my calling them different names, so just be careful and do research if there is an ingredient you are unsure about. The best way to go is to get something that has as many whole and recognizable products as possible. As they get older, adding fruits and veggies is always a good idea, but again, do research. Not all fruits and veggies are good for dogs. The ones that are good to stick to are green beans, carrots, bananas, apples and sweet potatoes. Best of luck! post pictures when you get the little pup!!
and in addition to what Suzy posted, the poop doesn't smell as bad with holistic food :)
Thanks Trysha,
Turned out the breeder and I couldn't connect yesterday so we rescheduled for next Monday.
Is Eukanuba considered holistic? What is the definition of holistic?

No, Eukanuba is not.........if I remember correctly it has alot of corn in it.
Go to a local privately owned pet store. Skip, Pet "not so" Smart and the other corporate ones. A local privately own pet store will know all about their products and will be able to help you find the right food. Plus shopping there is good for your local economy!!
You could also ask your Vet........
Enjoy your new baby!! Oh, yes, pictures will be oh so nice ;)
Thanks I will check into it. I am nervous about puppy shopping!
actually, you can get some great stuff at petsmart, as long as you are careful and read the labels. Holistic is really just a 'buzz word' used in marketing pet food. It basically means natural ingredients and are as organic as possible.Whole foods are as good as you can get. like i said, blue buffalo is a good way to go. There are some other really great brands and i think petsmart actually has a brand of their own that is pretty good. They just started selling the 'wellness' brand. That one is really good and my corgi thinks its pretty tasty, but its also pretty pricey. we do buy her their treats.
and suzy is right. ignore most all national brands. even the expensive ones aren't usually great. Iams and Science Diet still have undigestable fibers and chemical sugar by-products.


The breeder (I think you asked about the same breeder we got our Max from on another discussion forum) used Iams, we switched to Merrick Puppy Plate because Max was picky and Merrick's ingredient list and nutritional info was good and it is supposed to be very "palatable" for the dog. He seems to like it.



I feed my dogs Taste of the Wild.  I suspect Yuki has a mild grain allergy, so finding a grain-free food was a priority for me.  Yuki and Ellie both love the taste and devour their food as soon as it's put down.


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