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Thrilling encounter

We drove across Country recently. On day three we stopped in Colby, Kansas, off Route 70, where there is a Starbucks, the highlight of our 1,700 mile trip. To my utter surprise and thrill, I noticed a nice young man with two lovely brindle Cardigans, walking in the pet area. I quickly jumped out of the car and asked if I could pet the dogs and we struck up a conversation, his wife later joining in. When I asked him where he'd gotten the dogs he asked if I was familiar with showing dogs. I…


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Puppy Mill Rescue

I am proud to share again more well deserved honors going to my dear friend Theresa Strader and her all volunteer organization.  Never missed a beat, still going on rescue missions in various States, while  rebuilding the pieces of her personal life after the total loss of their home in the Black Forest fires last June and doing work as a nurse as well.... .  Thankfully they don't get many Corgis, but she's had the occasional one.  Looking forward to lunch with her soon.…


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I am sharing this post which was on my Facebook page this morning.  It's long, but worth reading.

For those of you who wondered what the outcome was for the Husky (hybrid?) that Cesar strung up on his TV show (and was bitten for his efforts, thank you very much). From a Facebook friend:

I stumbled across this response from Shadow's original foster dad who ended up adopting Shadow after he was absolutely tortured on the episode mentioned in…


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Request from the Queen

For those who may not have heard it, at last night's Diamond Jubilee Concert Paul  MacCartney made a request from the Queen for the people to leave in an orderly fashion after the concert, otherwise she would have to release the Corgis!  You can see right after 12.35 on this video

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