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Its been a while

Sorry its been quite a while since I last blogged about anything. Its been hectic. Last you guys heard I guess was about the sick corgi. Well he's better now. Never had to go to the vets. .^. I'm so glad.
Its sometime in the early morning and Nacho is already begging for food. We feed him closer to nine. LOL
Gizzie however, is still alseep.

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Hello pplz! X3

Thought I'd post again today. Joined a few groups today. X3
Nacho seems to have sprained his ankle, so he's just been sleeping all day long. But He's running the house now. And since all the sleep. (its night now -.-;;;) He's being a trouble maker again. Meaning he'll be prolly be crying all night. Oh well. X3 I have head phones. LOLz

Bye pplz C:

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Hello pplz ^^

This be my first blog post on this site. ^^

I'm happy to be here. ^^

And now a little about my dog ^^

My dog (Nacho) is very bored...and hungry...again...his favorite hobby is begging for food...any food ...

He usually likes to play with a large yellow ball that we had left over from some outside kids toy. He has other toys, but I think that one is his favorite. He can't pick it up tho, (cuz its so big X3)so he usually just kicks it around. LOLz mom just told me… Continue

Added by Lazieninjafrog on February 6, 2009 at 4:49pm — 2 Comments

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