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We love you so much, little Roscoe, RIP.


Today Derek and I had to say good-bye to our little boy. Roscoe caught a very strong string of Parvo, and passed away within 36 hours of being diagnosed. He had 2 of the 3 boosters for Parvo, but he was just wasn't old enough for his last one. We were very careful about contact with older dogs, and are floored that this could happen to our little one. The vets said that we did everything possible, but the virus was just too much for Roscoe's body to handle. He was only 10 1/2 weeks…


Added by Katie MacCallon on August 21, 2011 at 8:14pm — 28 Comments

Roscoe has Parvo.

Hey all.


Just a little update about Derek's and I's little one. We took him to the vet yet again this morning, and his Parvo test came back positive. Roscoe and I are back home with every method possible of helping Roscoe fight this virus. Support and advice, per usual, is always welcome and very much needed. Thanks y'all.


Katie, Derek, and Roscoe.

Added by Katie MacCallon on August 20, 2011 at 12:41pm — 23 Comments

HELP! Our little one is sick :(

Hey all!

So real quick question/post. Roscoe is our 10 week old little boy, and we tried to switch to a healthier food for him. His poor little tummy didn't like it one bit. He was fine on Wednesday, which was the first full day on the new food. Thursday morning he didn't eat, and around noon he started having horrible diarrhea. He was sleeping A LOT during the day and would only get up to potty or throw-up. Last night at 8-ish we got him to eat some green beans and rice. Later on he… Continue

Added by Katie MacCallon on August 19, 2011 at 10:26pm — 5 Comments

Questions for my new little boy, Roscoe!

My boyfriend Derek and I have had our little Roscoe for almost two weeks. He just had his 2 month birthday (woot) and is too cute for words. We do have some questions though, we both know that it is never too early to train so we really want to get a head start!! So, here are the questions that we have encountered so far:

-- Leash training..?! We have tried many different techniques, but nothing seems to work! As soon as that leash snaps on, Roscoe isn't moving! He walks with us just…


Added by Katie MacCallon on August 10, 2011 at 2:07am — 6 Comments

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