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1 and a half years old now!!

Well sorry for the year of absence, but I was very busy in my personal life. Jeep has been to a few shows and has done very well. He is in fact now officially a stud dog.

Also when Jeep was nearly one year old he got very very sick and nearly died. Luckily I had some education in animals and their diseases so I diagnosed the disease earlier than the doctors did. But I insisted he would be tested for the disease I diagnosed. Lucky for me they did and I was…


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I'm now a half year old!!

Well sorry that I didn't post in like ages, but whatever.

Jeep is now a real teenager (only listens when he wants to). He has learned quite a few tricks and is learning new ones.

His repetoir exists of:

Sit - the sit on the butt :D

Down - laying down

Lay - lay on his side

Roll over - don't need to explain this one

Wait - wait until he can tak his cookie from the floor

Fetch - fetch things

Put 'em up - Just like when criminals are arrested… Continue

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Well today was the day. We picked Jeep up from the breeder.

He is really so special, tiny and cute. He can even fetch already he's so smart.

He just slept for an hour or so. I'm so happy at this moment.

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Kennelname recieved

My corgi has recieved his kennelname and it is Limbonsnest Daydream. It really suits him. His "normal" name is going to be Jeep. Just a short week is left until I can pick him up. More blogs will follow of course. There will also be posts on Youtube to keep up with his progress, but of course they will be put up here too.

Added by Jaqueline on March 14, 2009 at 12:06pm — 2 Comments

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