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Farley Update

I got sick, so have been out of commission for a couple of weeks. So, here's the update - he has a name - Sir Farley - we call him Farley. He is doing very well with toilet training and everything in general - hasn't destroyed anything yet. The cats don't particularly care for him and he wishes they would play, but they are standoffish. He's kind of vocal/yippee, very social, and very cute!! Oh yeah, what's up with the coarse fur he has along his spine? I am guessing that's a corgi trait...

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We drove three hours to Labelle this morning to get the little bundle of joy. He got in the car, was awake for three minutes, and then crashed for the whole ride home. When we came home we hung with him outside for a bit before taking him in. He met most of the cats, and they aren't overly impressed; they come and investigate sometimes, but then he chases them upstairs (he can't go up there). He played basically since we got home, and just recently fell asleep on the floor (the new pics). He's… Continue

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Saturday is D-Day!

He-who-has-still-yet-to-be-named will be coming home on Saturday! We will be driving down to south Florida to pick him up and are all pretty excited. Bought lots of toys and cool stuff that we saw on the Animal Planet video, like a puzzle box and a rope thing to tie in his den. Oh yeah, went with the smaller crate, but have since been told that "den" is the pc term for it. Names now being consider include, but are not limited to: Comet, Blaze, Boomer, Swift, and Mylo. We have decided to get to… Continue

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Corgi Shopping and a Question

So, we did some preliminary corgi shopping today. We go to pick up junior next week when he'll be about 9 weeks old. We purchased all kind of dog necessities - shirts, jackets, booties - just kidding. Really we got the cool refilling water bowl, some toys, puppy shampoo, a collar and leash, a brush, a frisbee, etc. The big debate is what size crate is best - 30 or 36 inches? So, what do you all think? Advice needed. BTW, we still don't have a name for the little guy. We've been researching… Continue

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Update =)

So, currently we're trying out the name Blaze (if not, option number two is probably Farley); what's everybody think? We just got two new pics from the breeder; he grew up a lot in a week. The whole family is so excited (especially my daughter). We're hoping we'll be able to pick him up on the 15th, because my daughter gets off after an early morning AP exam, and we'll take a road trip to the breeder's. He'll be nine weeks old then. We're going puppy shopping either next weekend or the weekend… Continue

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