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Happy Halloween....Lets make it a safe one!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! Keep all chocolate in sealed containers to prevent your Corgi from indulging themselves and becoming ill. It can be fatal. Here is a link to some wonderful tips of safety and prevention to think about.

Dog Tip: Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners…


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Fergie and Baron's Batallion Litter of 10!! (safe to view..all sold)

Fergie amazes me, she is my smallest most refined little girl and her first litter she has 10 puppies and she cares for them all on her own. Most litters that size need supplementing but I got lucky. Layla had her litter almost 2 weeks after Fergies and we ran into some issues and starting losing Layla's pups so Fergie being the trooper she is allowed Layla's 5 pups to nurse on her. The first picture I will add is Fergie napping while Layla's pups nurse...the rest are all Fergie's puppies at 3… Continue

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Help me win!!!! The Daily Digg Photo Contest #18  You will have to LIKE The Daily Digg then go to the photo album #18 and LIKE it at the upper right hand corner then click on my picture and LIKE and COMMENT for 2 votes to count. Then SHARE so others can vote and see the contest.… Continue

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Where there is death, there is new life

Mauser Marksman aka Little Marker Boy from my Aug 9, 2010 litter by Sian and Marker crossed the bridge Dec. 28, 2010 from Renal complications. This picture was taken during a visit with Mauser and his owner, Bree Babin, the beginning of December. The visit almost got canceled because of snow in my area and I am so thankful Bree was willing to still make the drive, for this is…


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I'm trying to get caught up..just been busy.

I haven't been on here lately..not that I don't want to but just so much is going on.

Kiara's pups are all in their new homes and doing fabulous. What a great litter. They were such a joy and been getting updated pictures from the new owners and can not believe how they've grown already. It goes fast when they aren't in your care and seeing them every day.

I redid my website..completely new design that took my husband and I sometime to do since we had to get familiar with… Continue

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Puppy Breath!!!! Get your fill while it lasts.....

Well I have finally finished redeveloping my site and with that task done I've been getting videos of the puppies and posting them on youtube.com. I am getting more tech savvy!!! I have some plans for videos in the future that I can not wait to take and hope they turn out the way I am imagining them. Kiara and Barons puppies are 6 wks old now. Took pictures last night and am posting them to share. Enjoy!



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PUPPY BREATH...Get your fill! Well not quite yet. =)

Its safe to look..all these pups are


A few have wanted to see puppy pictures and I have never posted pictures of pups this young but what they hay! Why not. I am going to add a picture of moms belly 7 days prior to whelping out just so you can see how big she was and if you can believe it..she even got bigger in those additional 7 days. There are 3 boys and 4 girls born exactly on Valentines Day. Need to come up with Valentine… Continue

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Quite a few announcements to make.

Where shall I start. Last weekend was very busy but exciting. Kiara had her litter exactly on Valentines Day. 7 puppies...3 boys and 4 girls and all are doing well so far. There future owners are very excited and the next couple of months are agony for them in anticipation to pick them up. Kiara is doing well..we did have a bit of a scare when her temp. increased rapidly but we have that under control right now. We will be watching… Continue

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Bad Dogs!!! Corgis in the snow are uncontrollable..FRAP TIME!!!

Even though the snow can be a nuisance for our daily lives, it does make things look like a wonderland. Atleast the Corgis think so and have renewed bounds of energy!

They were all excited to get out in that white, not so fluffy this time, snow and FRAP their bunny butts off. With their fur misted with ice particles and icicles hanging from whiskers, all you could see through the dust of snow…

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving! !!

May your stuffing be tasty

May your turkey be plump,

May your potatoes and gravy

Have never a lump.

May your yams be delicious

And your pies take the prize,

And may your Thanksgiving dinner

Stay off your thighs!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!…


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Newest additions to the Wendt Worth Pack by Meagan and Winston...trust me its safe to look

I know how many of us can never get enough of puppy pictures so here is Meagans and Winstons newest litter born November 5, 2009...in these pictures they are 12 days old. Eyes are opening, getting up on all 4's, and chunky little furballs. They all are spoken for so it is safe to look. I will not tempt thee!!!…


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For My Birthday..Donate to CorgiAid

I'm to old for any anti aging creams and in reality they aren't going to stop parts of me heading south before I'm there. This is a wonderful organization and they deserve every cent they get. Thanks

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Layla FINALLY brought me pups!!!!

After sitting up with her all night anxiously awaiting to see that first push that sends a heatwave of emotions and alertness that the time is near to see our first pup, she finally did so at 9:45 am!!! It was about time, darn it. At 10:28 am a little tri male with a wide white stripe down his face was presented. Layla being the first time mom kinda just sat there for a second bewildered what just happened and how the heck did that get there. LOL As I began to take command of the situation she… Continue

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Layla in Labor

Well we are just shy of Labor Day weekend which is fine by me. Layla for the last couple of days has had not much of an appetite and she is a chow hound. Last night her temperature had dropped so I was on high watch checking her every couple of hrs. which made for a restless night. Better to be safe then sorry. This morning she is hiding, panting, pacing the whelping box, tearing the paper, whimpering, vomitting some and denying all food. We are ready for this event and my vet is waiting for my… Continue

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Puppies at 6 weeks old..All SOLD so safe from temptation!!!

I haven't shared any pictures of this litter and thought you might like to see the bundle of fur. They are a great group of pups and are really starting to know their names. They are hard to avoid and have caused me to fall behind on chores. I only have a few more weeks w/them so I am making the best of it.

Baron Jr.



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PetSmart In Store Coupon

Here's a printable $5.00 PetsMart in-store coupon I found online yesterday.
It does work - I used two of them last night (limit one coupon *per
transaction* not per customer) in conjunction with two manufacturer coupons.
I just had to ring up and pay for each bag of dog food separately. Expires

http://tinyurl. com/mfn567

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Corgis Being Recognized by The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Just had to share this with all of you. On one of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoos coupon card they have a picture of a Corgi. Knowing how Sam Tsang loves to take pictures of anything advertising the Corgi I had to scan it and share for his collection. The Corgi on the coupon resembles a pup I had last spring by Kiara so its definitely a souvenir for me.…


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Corgis Go To School

Back in May, we took the pack to Gilles Sweet Elementary School and visited a few classrooms to teach the kids more about the Corgi and how to care for them and their puppies. Of course the dogs were a hit and were exceptionally well behaved. Teachers and staff were a little nervous at first when kids started to bombard the dogs after each discussion and question and answers but soon learned that the Corgi thrived on the kids and couldn't get enough of their affection. It was a fun, successful… Continue

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