It's been a whirlwind adventure for Kuma these past two months. He's finally turned four months, received his last series of shots and found love! He's fallen in love (lust?) with a friend's French Bulldog (male mind you)... and won't leave the poor thing alone. At least the bulldog is tolerant of Kuma as he's young and only a year old. Oh well - two months and he loses his baby making abilities and hopefully it'll help curb some hormonal activity.

We also discovered that he's a natural swimmer. Mommy and Daddy were so proud of him when he accidentally fell into a friend's swimming pool, acted like he meant to do it and calmly swam over to the closest person to him. After that we were sure to keep an eye on him if he looked like he wanted to get in the water so he wouldn't dive in and get water in his ears. He's since learned how to swim to the steps where he can just about reach - he still needs a hand up to completely get out of the pool.

At sixteen weeks he weighed 15.1 lbs. We had him on Innova Puppy, but recently changed over to Evo Small Bites as he was itchy all the time but had no fleas (possibly the barley or brown rice?). It seems to be helping and he definitely enjoys Evo much more. It will hopefully be apparent if food was the issue after a couple more weeks. If not then we'll try a different kind of protein... he's been eating only chicken and turkey based products.

He's getting good at tricks and basic obedience! In the house, he knows: sit, stand, lie down, stay, shake hands (both sides), high five (both sides) and roll over. I'd like him to start associating his toys with names... working on that one. Out of the house, he only knows sit and sort of gets come and let's go. We're working on getting him to listen when there are more distractions. He's excellent on his leash (for the most part) and sometimes likes to carry it in his mouth so his leash gets some bitter apple every two weeks (or when I remember). He experienced his first walk around the neighborhood this weekend and pulled it off like a seasoned veteran. He kept pace with us almost the entire way, stopping/slowing down every once in a while to take in a new sight, sound or smell. I can't believe we're finally at this stage and getting him out of the house!!!! Such a relief and what a great way for him to expand his mind and expend some energy.

We've signed up for group puppy class that holds sessions at an outdoor park. It can't start soon enough! Now that he has all his shots, only two weeks until class starts!

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Comment by momto3ltlgrlz on August 3, 2008 at 10:38pm
I am so glad to hear that Kuma is doing well! Lily used to do that with her leash, but has not in awhile. I haven't a clue what Lily would do if she were to get into a pool. She doesn't seem to mind the sprinkler. Thanks for the update :)
Comment by Karen & Bailey on August 3, 2008 at 5:44pm
i remember that moment! it was like YAY freedom! haha. glad to hear Kuma's doing so well. Reminds me of Bailey's younger months (he's only 6 months but i speak like hes 6 years.. lol). Anyways, enjoy the adventures together!

oh! and youll probably have to trim his nails less now that theyll naturally file down on their own.. yay to that too!

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